B Meet Results/Weekly Announcements Thru End of Season


Kickboards and Humidity and Team Records…. Oh My!

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make the Kickboard Races possible last night (looking at you, Sarah and Rebecca).  Every swimming career begins with a kickboard, so we hope this experience inspires greatness in all of our littles! B Meet results are attached.

And what would a swim meet be without a new team record by Zoe Dunn?  Congratulations to Zoe in the Girls 13-14 100Y IM with a super-fast time of 1:06.90.  That beats her own team record, set just last year, by almost 3 seconds


Let’s get my  your week organized:


Saturday Meet Absences – email us at [email protected] (right now!) if your swimmer will not be available to swim at Saturday’s A Meet.


Tuesday Night - is our last Evening Practice of the season, at its regular time of 6:30pm-7:15pm.  We love being able to offer this option for swimmers with tricky schedules. 


Wednesday Evening – IM Carnival at Burke Station Pool.  If your swimmer is participating in this event, you have already received a separate email from us with details.  Otherwise, you’re off the hook!


Thursday Afternoon – Water Park day at Great Waves Park at Cameron Run Park.  Emails with details have gone out previously.  Contact Amy Alvarez ( [email protected]) or Laura Wright ( [email protected]) for more information.  


Thursday Evening – Progressive Dinner for the 13+older swimmers.  They will meet at the pool at 5:45pm, visit 3 different homes for apps, salads, and main course, then return to the pool grounds at 9:00pm for desserts and play time.


Fun Friday Practice – Practice will be at 9:00am for all swimmers who normally attend the 7:45/8:45/9:45 practices.  Tropical Storms will still practice from 10:00 – 10:30am.  This is the LAST DAY of Tropical Storms practice.


Friday Evening at 6:00pm - Family Potluck Dinner, Pep Rally, and Game Night.  All swimmers and their families are invited to a potluck dinner. Bring a tablecloth for a picnic table and beverages for your own family. 

A Taste of Home - Bring a Dish from Your Home Country.  This idea could succeed or fail spectacularly.  And it's a true potluck, because we just don't know what's gonna show up on the tables.  Bring a dish (or two?) that represents your roots (Italian! German!  Korean! Southern US!) or simply bring a family favorite to share.

At the end of the Pep Rally, you are invited to stay to play games…. It could be Chutes and Ladders, Rummikub, poker, Trivial Pursuit.  Bring whatever you want and have fun!


Saturday Morning A Meet: HRA @ Rolling Forest Pool, 7011 Flax Street, Springfield, VA 22152

Parking: There are a limited number of parking spaces in the pool parking lot.  You may need to park on Flax Street and walk up the driveway to the pool.

Volunteer Slots: We never thought we would ever be able to type these words.  And it’s kind of emotional, but…. All volunteer slots are filled.  (eyes getting misty).  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

  • Timeline of Events –
    • 7:45am – Referee briefing with Team Reps, Coaches, Marshalls
    • 8:00am – Hurricane swimmers arrive
    • 8:00am – Rolling Forest Warm-Ups
    • 8:25am – Hurricanes Warm-Ups
    • 8:25am – Stroke/Turn Meeting
    • 8:35am – Timers Meeting
    • 8:40am – Pool is cleared
    • 9:00am – Meet Begins

Order of Events: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly (BREAK) Relays


Team Area Notes: We will be in a sunny spot, so we will bring our red pop-up canopies to provide shade.  There will be no chairs provided, so send your swimmer with a portable/camping chair or an extra towel to sit on. Note: there will be plenty of spectator seating for non-swimmers.

Masking: All people over the age of 2 who are unvaccinated are expected to wear a facemask.  Swimmers in the team area and Clerk of Course should keep their masks on.  Masks should be removed before entering the pool for a swim event and placed in a baggie labelled with your name. 



Individual Swimmer Photos will be taken in the Upper Pool area on Sunday, July 18, beginning at 6:00pm.  Finished photos will be available electronically via shared drive at no charge!  A special thank you to Kelly Mulligan one of own Tropical Storm parents. She has graciously volunteered to do these photos for the team.

Practices Next Week will include only swimmers who will swim in Divisionals on Saturday, July 24th.  We will provide a list of Divisionals swimmers to all families on Sunday, July 18th, so you can plan out your week. 

Divisionals Meet – will be held on Saturday, July 24th at Annandale Swim & Tennis.  More details to come.

End of Season Banquet – will begin with activities at 4pm, buffet dinner, award presentation, and slide show, wrapping up around 9:30pm.  More details to come.

Winter Swim – it is happening!  And we 100% guarantee* that we will get your swimmer legal in breaststroke and butterfly over the winter!  This weekly program begins in September thru May and is a great way to maintain fitness, coordination, and stroke development.

*There is no way we can actually guarantee this. This is false advertising, but it got your attention.


At Your Service,

Natalie and Heidi

Team Representatives