July 14 Update!

Congratulations to our Flying Fish of the Week!  Mackenzie Nagy, Nathan Roth, Addision Nagy, Dylan McCormack, Abby Lambert, Liam Bowers, Maddie Von Tersch, Gavin Stocker, Amber Bowers, Sam Dumenigo, Annika Lavin, and Jack Williams.  

Our Flying Fish of the Week are recognized for their tremendous effort, team spirit, kindness, growth and leadership shown in the past week.  It's not just about how fast you swim, it's about the person you are!  Great job!  Thank you to Lee Reese for distributing the yard signs.  For those new to the team, we will rotate these as the weeks go on and we announce new Flying Fish of the Week!

We have the results for the Cavalier Virtual Meet and it is posted on the site here.  Southside has assured me we will get their results this week.  As soon as we get the ribbon label reports from them, ribbons will be completed.  Thank you to the Mauldin family for helping with that!

Thursday, July 15th is our Pizza and Movie by the pool!  Pizza and drinks will be available starting at 6.  Movie is at dark (around 8:30.)  Pool will be open until 10.  If you haven't voted, go to our facebook page and vote on the movie--Moana vs The Greatest Showman.  Right now it is Moana by 1 vote!  (Either way, be prepared for singing!  Sorry, not sorry! :)

I hope you enjoy your weekend off!  Practice has been great!  I know we have a number of swimmers going to 4-H camp next week--you are still eligible to swim at our meet vs Greenbrier!  And, the next day we will have our End of Year Party from 5-9.  This is catered so please rsvp so we order enough food.