13&O H&F meet info

First a couple of quick practice notes for group ABC.....

Friday am (Not-resting group 7:15 - 8:30am GHHS) Friday am resting group 7:30 - 8:15 am GHHS.

Friday PM normal Kroc time if not in the meet......3:45-5:15pm. or you can come to coronado to warmup there as long as you count/time for our swimmers after

Sat AM no practice - due to swim meet.


Here is the info for the meet this weekend:

The meet is a heats and finals championship meet at the BBMAC pool at Coronado HS.

Please show up for warmup at the following times:

Friday: 3:45 pm

Saturday: 7:45 am     Finals warmup 4:00 pm

Sunday: 7:45 am     Finals warmup 4:00 pm

Finals starts at 5:00 pm each day and swimmers who qualify are expected to compete. The top 16 swimmers from 13-14's and top 16 swimmers from 15-18's qualify for finals. Swimmers should always check with their coach prior to leaving the venue as to when they are expected to be back for finals or warmups.

the first event of Finals Saturday is the 200 Medley relay, and the first event of finals on Sunday is the 200 Free relay.

Here are my currently entered relays: Saturday; girls: gonzales, nguyen, gonzales, g-hale  boys: davies, keppler,forstot, mohr......sunday: nguyen, g-h, gonzales, gonzales  no mens relay on Sunday

General meet information

Parent seating and deck setup

Friday Heat Sheet

Saturday Heat Sheet

Sunday Heat Sheet

Everyone should be wearing CAST team shirts, CAST caps, and if you still have one a cast suit for warmup. you may either compete in a CAST suit or a tech suit.....Since the old cast suit is no longer produced the new suit is the Speedo Emerging force Blue/Green. we don't expect everyone to have a new one yet, but next time you buy a suit.....please get the new team suit.

Thanks - See you in Coronado!!!!