Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.

This report is jam-packed with important information, so please bear with us in these final, busy two weeks of summer swimming.

The Tigers are heading into the homestretch of the summer swim season, with one final A-meet tomorrow and the last B-meet following quickly on its heels on Wednesday, July 21.

The Glenwood Family Dance and Teen Overnight are tomorrow evening, the Division C Championship meet happens on Saturday, July 24, and the swim team banquet will follow on Tuesday, July 27.

In other words, there’s still a lot of fun to be had, so let’s roll up our sleeves and do this!


Tickets for the final big-fun event of the season, the 2021 Glenwood Swim Team Banquet, go on sale next week. Families will be able to reserve their spots at this event only if they have fulfilled their volunteer requirements.

As a reminder, if you have one swimmer on the team, you need to do three jobs during the season; having two swimmers requires four jobs, and three or more swimmers requires five jobs.

If you haven’t fulfilled your obligation yet, don’t worry. There’s still time, and we need help. Consider the following opportunities:

  • We still need a clerk-of-course for the A-meet tomorrow and someone for that same job at the B-meet next week. We also need one parent helper for the $1 breakfast during practice next Wednesday, July 21. Please email Team Rep. Roland Schrebler if you can do one of these jobs.
  • You can help make the 2021 awards banquet a dazzling success! The kids really love this event and there are many open volunteer slots available at various points in the afternoon and evening—pick something that fits your schedule. You can see those jobs here under “2021 Swim Team Banquet.”


That requires explanation, yes?

As everyone hopefully knows by now, the Glenwood Family Dance and Ice Cream Social starts tomorrow at 6 p.m. We supply the ice cream treats and the DJ; you bring the funky dance moves.

The dance ends promptly at 10 p.m., when all patrons will be asked to exit the pool quickly so we can begin the process of checking in the teenagers for the overnight.

All overnight participants must bring their signed permission slips and $15 registration fees. If the forms we made available at practice this morning didn’t make it home in one piece, you can get a copy here. (Please carefully read the details about what your children can bring to the overnight. In case of rain, canopies are welcomed, but no enclosed tents allowed.)

If Glenwood history tells us anything, it’s this: These Tiger teens will not be sleepy, but they will be hungry.

That’s where you come in, parents.

We need adults to help chaperone through the night. You can offer to take a shift or be one of the hardcore heroes who tackles the whole night. Either way, we’re grateful for the help.

Maybe burning the midnight oil isn’t your bag, but you make a mean chili. Great! That’s what we meant when we told you to grab some beans! We need some Glenwood chefs to whip up their best batches of chili and bring them down to the pool during the overnight for the teens and chaperones.

Please email Parent Rep. Zac Morford and let him know how you can help with the overnight.   


By now, you’ve hopefully seen the coaches’ update with key details about the pep rally today at 6:30 p.m. and the A-meet at Old Georgetown tomorrow morning. They also sent out the lineup of Glenwood swimmers racing in the meet.

Our team will meet at Glenwood at 7:35 a.m. Saturday to check in and decorate cars. Or you can tell the coaches you prefer to join the team at the Old Georgetown pool at 8 a.m. Warm-ups for the Tigers start at 8:20 a.m. and the meet begins at 9 a.m. Please note:  Our hosts are saying good-bye to four senior swimmers during this meet and thank us in advance for our patience. 

The address for Old Georgetown is 9600 Fernwood Road in Bethesda. The pool parking lot tends to fill up quickly for meets, so some families may need to park on the street.

Our team area is the picnic spot to the left, just past the barn, where our hosts say there’s plenty of shade. Chairs are available, as are full concessions, and Carnivore Food Truck will arrive at 11 a.m.


We missed out on this tradition in 2020, but it’s back! Any swimmers interested in purchasing a Division-C shirt or sweatshirt can do so now. The shirts should be available for pickup at the championship meet next weekend. Orders must be placed no later than Sunday, July 18, here.

That’s all the news for now. Rock around the clock, Tigers!—Your Team Reps