All About Divisionals

The Division 12 Championships will be held on Saturday, July 24th, beginning at 9am (although there is a chance that we could begin at 8:30am instead – this is not up to us).  The location is Annandale Swim & Tennis on Little River Turnpike.  The purpose of Divisionals is to celebrate the fastest swimmers in each event in our division. The race times earned at DIvisionals will determine who is qualified to participate in the NVSL Individual All-Star meet, to be held on July 31. 

Each of the six Division 12 teams will submit up to 2 swimmers per event (Free, Back, Breast, Fly, and IM).   We may also submit the name of 1 “bid-in”, who can fill a potential empty lane from another team.  Some events will accommodate a few bid-ins; other events will be completely filled by the original 2 entries by each team.  We will not know until Wednesday evening if/which bid-ins from HRA have been accepted and will swim on Saturday.

This will be a long meet, divided into two halves.  The events in the first half will include: Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly, swum in that order.  In addition to team warm-ups in the pool at the beginning of the meet, there will be short warm-up opportunities for swimmers before their Breaststroke and Butterfly events.  The second half events will be Individual Medley and Freestyle.  Again, there will be warm-ups for those swimmers just before their stroke events begin.  Later this week, we will circulate a more detailed schedule.

We need volunteers!  Please visit HRARA: HRA Divisionals Volunteers ( to sign up to help. 

Swimmer selections were based entirely off of fastest times.  In the case that a swimmer has the fastest time in their age group in several of their strokes, coaches took into account the swimmer’s preference for what they’d like to swim. Each child can only swim 2 events total. The following list of swimmers are children who will be included on our Divisionals Entry List – either as a definite entry or a “bid-in”. 

Swimmer List

Henry Alvarez

Katie Alvarez

Yuina Barzdukas

Josie Bleech

Tin Dinh

Olive Dunn

Zoe Dunn

Evangeline Gallacher

Joseph Gallacher

Mary Gallacher

Maeve Gannon

Paige Feinberg

Caroline Forde

Lizzie Forde

Steffi Forde

Indie Hixson

Prix Hixson

David Judy

Erik Judy

Emmeline Kelley

Vivian Kelley

Jack Kilgore

Lillian Kilgore

Miles Kowalewski

Joseph Lestingi

Brendan Lyons

David Lyons

Sean Lyons

Nora Mertz

Foster Middendorf

Micah Middendorf

Caden Mitchell

Champe Mitchell

Zachary Moran

Annaliese Neely

Chance Neely

Alexander Peal

Tatiana Peal

Livvie Schrade

Eamon Schrock

Ryan Schrock

Nadia Shutov

Jackson Sites

Dani Slattery

Walker Slattery

Annabel Sullivan

Amira Traish

Zayn Traish

Casey Tripp

Kelly Tripp

Alexandra Vo

Megan Vo

Tessa Wright

If your swimmer is on the list and will NOT be available to swim at Divisionals on Saturday, contact us at [email protected] right now.  We may be able to move another swimmer into his/her place. 

Otherwise, we expect to see all of these swimmers at their regular morning practice times Monday – Friday. 

On Wednesday, coaches will tell each swimmer which events they are confirmed entries in.  On Thursday, we will announce which of our “bid-in” swimmers we’ve been successful in getting into a lane for Saturday.


We’re happy to answer any additional questions (besides who is swimming what… because that will be shared on Wednesday). 


Much love,

Natalie and Heidi

Division 12 Team Rep SuperStars