USA Swimming HOD At Large Selection Process

Snake River Officers, Parents, Officials, and Coaches:

The USA Swimming Annual Business Meeting will be held September 23-25, with the House of Delegates Meeting (hybrid and in-person) being held, Saturday, September 25.  According to USA Swimming corporate bylaws, Article 6.1.8: The Board Chair shall be empowered to appoint up to ten percent (10%) of the total membership as members of the House of Delegates. One-fourth (1/4) of all those appointed shall be appointed in equal numbers from members, other than athletes, of the five (5) LSCs having the largest number of registered athletes as of August 31 of the prior calendar year.  These five LSCs are: Illinois Swimming, Southern California Swimming, Pacific Swimming, Potomac Valley Swimming and Middle Atlantic Swimming.

Anyone who would like to be considered for a board chair at-large appointment must apply by August 15, 2021.  Please share this link to the application: Board Chair At-Large Application

Past board chair at-large appointees are not automatically reconsidered.  All individuals interested in an appointment must apply for consideration.

Appointments will be announced early September.