Palencia Practice Updates

Hi Palencia Cyclones,

We have our final meets of the summer, Last Splash Invitational and Cyclones Sprint Gala, coming up in the next couple weeks.  Here are some adjustments to upcoming practices while our coaches travel to Orlando for the senior swimmers' last long course meet:

Developmental -  there is an additional practice on Wednesday, August 4th at 10 AM with our Age Group 1*.
Age Group 1 - Normal practice days and times.*
*Coach Susan will be running practices Wednesday through Friday next week.

Age Group 2 & Seniors - Saturday will be our last long course practice at Planet Swim from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Practices will not be held from Tuesday, July 27 through August 2nd.  Swimmers may join Calhoun practices from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday. Be prepared for dryland and bring gear bag. No practice on Saturday, July 31st. Coach Burgess will provide an update after meet on when Palencia practices will resume.

Friendly reminders:

Cyclones Sprint Gala is August 7th. It's a fun meet for Developmental and Age Group 1 swimmers.

T-shirts for Developmental swimmers were handed out this week.  See Coach Frank at next practice if your swimmer hasn't received their shirt.

Lastly, the August invoice previews will be emailed soon. Please let us know if your swimmer is taking a break prior to August 1st.  If you have already sent me a notification and I responded, you may disregard the August fee included on your invoice preview. Memberships aren't suspended until the end of the month so you continue to receive email updates for the remainder of the month.

Fall Developmental registration will be coming soon!

Kind regards,

Wende Larrimore
Cyclones Membership