Greenbrier Meet Entries and Sunday's Party!

WOOHOO!  Our meet entries are posted here.  Congratulations to all of our 6 and Under Swimmers on another great Guppy Meet today!  Here are the 6 & Under swimmers who will be swimming at the Greenbrier meet tomorrow:  Emily Bowers, Avery Fearon, Eliza Fish, Audrey Hamann, Mackenzie Nagy, Nyla Paillard, Lillian Ross, Ellie Wallace, Grant Arrington, Carson Cullipher, Jack Hamann, Nathan Roth!  Please check in at the zoo by 7:20.  Thank you!

Soooo, I want to make sure that everyone knows that the End of Season Party is on SUNDAY 5-9.  We will eat around 6.  There will be free swim, food, awards, and our awesome video thanks to Aimee Curley!  For those of you asking, we will have fried chicken, baked chicken, a number of salads, macaroni and cheese, rolls, watermelon and the wonderful desserts that many of you are bringing!  There are gluten free options.  One salad will have nuts in it and will be marked.  If there are any other allergies, please let me know so we can make accomodations.  

The team photos are in--and they are awesome!  If your swimmer didn't pick them up, they are in the ribbon box.  We will have the ribbon box at the meet and at the party.  You might want to check with yoiur swimmer in case they hae them in their swim bag (no judging here, just informing! :))  All ribbons have been put into the ribbon box for our past meets so if you haven't checked the ribbon box lately, you may want to!

See you all tomorrow a.m. at the Greenbrier Country Club!  As a reminder, you can drop off by the pool, but will then need to park over by the tennis courts.  There is limited space but there is room for tents, We may just have to squish together a little more than usual!  And, like our concessions, tomorrow is a cash only concessions stand.  

Let me know if you have any questions!  See you tomorrow a.m.!  Go Flying Fish!

Tracy  [email protected]  407-963-1094