I understand there may be some confusion about the events this weekend. I am sorry for that, but there are a lot of changes that are developing and not all answers are available. This news will NOT clear up everything, but hopefully it will help. There is a lot of information so please take time to read it, as I have spent a lot of time trying to provide some clarification.

Friday night practice - All swimmers are encouraged to come to practice at 6:30 PM. We will have some drills for those swimmers to get their last boost of confidence in their start, strokes, turns, and finishes. Then they will have some Friday Fun Swim to relax their tension. While the swimmers are practicing, parents that are bringing food to share can set up at the top pavilion. This is to simulate our Coaches Breakfast event that historically occurs after the last practice of the season. I hope this will be considered a kind of International Food Night. Parents are encouraged to bring their favorite dish to share. I will bring Duck Fondue. We will raffle off a VIP parking space at Lake Manassas. Raffle ticket prices will be announced at practice tonight so bring cash. We must be cleaned up and out of the park by 9:30, but earlier would be better because the kids, and parents, have a swim meet EARLY Saturday morning. Please consider a card or gift to the coaches that helped you over the season.

Saturday morning - We have our Divisional swim meet at Lake Manassas. The event site ( lists the address and explains the difficulty in parking (arrive EARLY), the schedule: warmups (BLST 6:30-6:50 am), Officials meeting (6:30 am), timers meeting (6:45 am), Runners report to Clerk of Course at (6:45 am), Scorers meeting (7:05 am), Ribbons at (7:45 am). Swimmers and parents are encouraged to wear their new maroon team t-shirt. A Divisional meet is very spirited but depends on all jobs for all teams to have someone doing them. The jobs that still need to be filled include: Attendance Taker (1), Data entry (2), Ribbons (3), Runner (2), Verifier (2). There are two shifts, so please sign up for one of them if you haven’t already. If we all do a little, the meet will be much better for everyone. There will be job training provided, but they are NOT difficult and there is a check and balance with each job. After the last event, the host has invited each team to friendly parent relays to participate in 100 medley and 100 freestyle relays. We need volunteers to sign up for both relays too. If you preordered a Divisional t-shirt you should get that early, before they get lost. They probably won’t have extras if you did not preorder. The team used to go somewhere after the meet to wait for ribbons or discuss the meet. If that happens there will be an announcement at the meet. Following all the swim meets in Prince William Swim League, the times will be entered into a combined file and the results of how each swimmer’s results compare across the PWSL.

Sunday banquet, awards, Duck Derby and Pool Party - There is still a lot of information that is NOT clear because it hasn’t been provided to me.There are distinct events: the banquet is the meal; the awards ceremony will follow the meal; the pool party will begin after Splashdown clears the pool (of their daytime guests) around 6:30 PM; the Duck Derby will be immediately after the water park reopens for us, around 6:30 PM. We are asked to stay in the Big Kahuna area until the park reopens around 6:30 PM. This is a source of much confusion about when wristbands will be issued and whether someone can skip the meal and arrive for the awards, and the guests that are only going to the pool party. I hope to have answers from Splashdown soon.

Banquet - The banquet meal is inside the water park under the Big Kahuna tent. The meal is a self-service buffet, provided by Splashdown, consisting of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato and fruit salad and drinks. We will also provide water, chips, cake and cupcakes. You will not be permitted to bring food into the park, nor should you need it. The show time for the meal is around 2:45 - 3:00 but that will be announced later today. Others that are asked to help set up will arrive earlier. 

Award Ceremony - The awards ceremony will begin around 4:00 PM. The actual time will be announced after I hear back from Splashdown. Once that time is announced, is when we must start and CANNOT hold it up waiting for awardees or guests.Regardless of when the awards ceremony ends, we must stay in the Big Kahuna area until the park is cleared. 

Duck Race - The Duck Race will be set up around 6:15 and will begin around the lazy river approximately 6:35 PM (listen for announcements at the awards ceremony and over Splashdown PA).  Adoptions will be possible at practices and until the award ceremony. There may be some time between the ceremony and the start, but not likely. The sooner the better.

Pool Party - Guests for the pool party will be met at Gate 7, where we usually enter. If their tickets have not been purchased yet, they will be lined up until that happens. It may be as simple as buying tickets tonight or at the banquet and passing the wristbands before entry. Those with wristbands will be in a separate line and enter then. The details on how to get wristbands to those guests are still being worked out. I know this is confusing and I am very sorry for this, but I do hope to have it worked out and clarified soon. 

Thank you for your patience and for tolerating my ineffective communication. The information may be announced separately as the answers are clarified.