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BARD College – NDAC/RFAC Guidelines

Procedures for Coming to Bard for Practice

Due to ongoing Covid concerns, Bard will not be allowing NDAC or RFAC or any other group to access the rest of the Stevenson facility. Parents will not be allowed in the building.

IMPORTANT: Swimmers should come changed and ready to swim. NDAC/RFAC will only have access to bathrooms (locker room or multi-gender changing room) and will be required to wear a mask. Bring a waterproof bag to place your mask into during practice.

1) Swimmers are to be dropped off in the back of Stevenson Gymnasium. The pool windows are visible from the parking lot. Swimmers will come to the door with their masks on. Again, parents are not allowed in the building.

2) Swimmers will be checked in upon arrival. Once checked in, swimmers will remove their outdoor shoes and place them neatly alongside the wall.

3) Swimmers and coaches will enter the pool via the glass hallway door. They will keep their masks on until instructed to remove them. Bags, coats etc. will be brought into the pool area and placed alongside a wall, spaced apart from each other. Please remember to exercise social distancing while on the pool deck.

4) When the coaching staff is ready, swimmers will be informed what lanes they should report to and which end of the pool. Equipment bags should be brought with them to the pool side and a waterproof bag for their mask. We will have extra bags and masks for those who need.

5) Following the conclusion of practice, swimmers will place their masks back on, dry themselves and prepare to leave through the door they came in. Once shoes are on, participants will exit the building. Parents arrive 15 minutes early for arrival and pick-up!

6) Since we are unable to have parents in the building, text messages after practice will be the optimum way to reach out to the coaching staff. Please only call in the event of an emergency. If procedures change or need to be updated in anyway we will communicate via team email, and our website.


Health and Team Wellness

The CDC, USA Swimming, and university studies have proven that the chlorinated, humid environment, indoors or outdoors is a safe place for activity. The danger lies within the other, non-pool spaces: locker rooms, indoor training areas, etc.

While we would enjoy the ability to return to dry-land activities and strength training for our older swimmers; at the moment, we will be mainly focused on our pool training. Please note: all NDAC and RFAC coaching staff members are vaccinated and dedicated to keeping our program safe, wet and uninterrupted.

Please do not come to practice if you feel ill, have a fever, have been exposed to someone with illness. Unfortunately, it is difficult these days to easily dismiss illness as in: we are overtired; my allergies have been acting up or any other formerly acceptable excuse. One ill person could prevent others from swimming. If someone appears ill, the coaching staff is instructed to remove the swimmer from the pool and contact their family.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all, whether it be in the pool, via zoom or in a parking lot.

More information will follow, but for now let this suffice to get you started. Welcome to Coach Billesimo and our RFAC guests - we are all in this together and happy to be able to swim yet again! Please email me at [email protected] should you have a question.

Coach Jim and Coach Storrs