Parking on Campus-Important!!!


Solano College is hosting a soccer game at the field near the pool today.  Please be sure to park and/or drop-off and pick up in our approved parking areas.
Approved Areas
Areas that are allocated for parking as well as drop-off and pick up are student parking lots.  Parking lots 4 and 6 are preferred as the walk to the pool avoids any other activities on campus.  Student lot 5 is also available.  If using this lot, please be aware of any athletics activity in the front of the gym (the college is currently doing drive-thru COVID tests in this area.)
No Parking or Drop-off and Pick-up Areas
Please do not use the round-a-bout, staff parking or service roads for drop-off and pick-up as well as parking.  Due to COVID-the college athletics are using these various areas throughout the day.
Parent Meetings
We will be hosting a series of parent meetings and will review these at the upcoming meets.
We appreciate everyone's cooperation regarding parking while on campus.  The coaching staff is busy on the pool deck working with the swimmers-so it is important that our membership adhere to these guidelines and "self police" their use of the parking areas on campus.
Failure to comply to these temporary guidelines could result in our program's loss of the pool.
Thank you.

Ricky Silva
Head Coach-DART Solano
Assistant Coach-Solano College