Lane Etiquette


A friendly reminder for new and returning members. One expectation coaches have is for swimmers to practice safe training habits. Below is a short list to help them understand and build awareness of what they are doing to ensure their own safety and the safety of their teammates. If there are any questions, let us know and we will gladly help.

Thank you




     Lane Etiquette

Introducing a set of guidelines for swimmers to adopt, with the goal of ensuring a safe and enjoyable training environment. Following these will also help create smooth and fluid swim sets when training. 

- Enter the water feet first, only dive when the coach tells you too and please look before you jump in.

- Swim in the order of fastest first: slowest last (this may change depending on stroke and/or distance) 

- If you want to overtake, tap the swimmer in front of you on the foot. At the end of the lane they will wait for you to swim past. Make your intention clear. The swimmer in front may reasonably assume that you just got too close.

- If you stop at the end of the lane, wait for a large enough space to continue. Do not push off just as another swimmer is coming to the end of the lane to turn.

- When you finish a swim, move to the left (if swimming counter clockwise, move to the right if swimming clockwise) to allow swimmers behind a good finish at the wall. Always swim to the wall- don’t stop or turn before the wall - and if people are in your way then remind them to make room.

- Leave at least 5 or 10 seconds behind swimmers or whatever the coach specifically requests.

- When swimming butterfly be aware of people coming the other way.

- Swim the set specified by the coach and don’t swim a different stroke to everyone else (unless choice of stroke has been set by the coach).

- Keep smiling and have fun!