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Team Email - 9/22/21

Team Email 9/22/21

Thank you all for attending Shark University last weekend. A lot of new requirements are rolling out – and a few new billing & Covid policies.

Missed this weekend? there’s an independent study course with quiz.

You Tube Video
Online Quiz – serves as attendance

This course must be completed by Monday, September 27th.
PDF Slides of all information will be sent out to all families at that time & posted to the website.

Failure to either attend Shark University in person or online will result in a $100 fee on your account. This is to ensure that all families are aware of any policy changes prior the onset of the season.

Team Waivers will be sent on Friday morning to all families who have completed Shark University & completion of waivers will be due by September 30th.   These are all online and will also be posted under team events tab on the team website. If you do not receive a link to the waivers on Friday by 3pm, please contact the business manager at [email protected] after checking spam inboxes.

Team T-shirts & drawstring bags will be distributed at workouts by the weekend by each group’s parent liaison or lead coach. Team caps will be handed out soon. Team Swimsuit & additional information on ordering apparel will be emailed out later this week as well. 

Lesson Information has posted to the website - CLICK HERE – these will start in October. You will need to log into the website to access lesson information as it is only available to team members. For more information, contact Coach Rob at [email protected]

The Samantha Cerrone Angel Fund is open for donations until the end of the month.
CLICK HERE to learn more or to donate.

October-December practice schedules will have some changes. Due to some facility schedule adjustments, we will need to adjust some of our workout schedules for October-December. We will have those changes posted by the end of the week. Full schedules will be found by clicking HERE and scrolling to the bottom of the page. We will note and email when that October schedule has been updated. 

Competition calendars will be posted by the end of the week to the main webpage. Commitment to attend is expected two weeks prior to the event as rosters & event entries must be sent in at that time.
Swim Championship schedules will not be set until Illinois Swimming House of Delegates on October 10 & Winter Water Polo schedules are still in flux at this point.

Upcoming Swim Meets:
October 9-10 – Shark Frenzy – TEAM hosted event.
October 23-24 – LFSC Monster Mash – Advanced & Performance levels only
November 5-7 – Munster SYOA – D7/A10/JP only

November 5-7 – Midwest Challenge – SP/SHP Trip to Iowa – tentative.
November 7 – WSO Pentathlon – Advanced & Development only

Late November: Triple Crown – All groups. Information pending

Upcoming Water Polo Events:
October 2– 3– IL Elite League

October 2– 3– Cincinnati Tournament (schedule pending)
October 9-10 – ODP (Top athletes only)
October 15 – 17 - Michigan Tournament (schedule pending)
October 16 – 17- 14U St Louis Tournament (co-ed, schedule pending)

October 23-24– IL Elite League
November 5-7 – Michigan Tournament (schedule pending)
November 13-14 – IL Elite League Finals

Contact Information:

  • For any billing related questions – please contact Business Manager Kristen Tanakatsubo at [email protected]
  • For Volunteer related questions or to sign up to volunteer – please contact Volunteer Coordinator Josh Queyquep at [email protected] or the Volunteers VP Kate Schnatterbeck at [email protected]
  • Board Members and Parent Liaison contact information is located HERE. We are still looking for a Junior and additional 18U Polo Liaison.
  • Coach Contact information is located HERE.