Race Back to School - Sessions Combined
The entry registration has been sent to KYS.  The meet information does not prohibit late entries, so I will accept those on deck until 30 minutes prior to the start of competition.  However, athletes must be able to demonstrate current membership via Deck Pass... new athlete registrations will not be taken.

We will run combined sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  This will give the athletes a little more time between events, especially the 12/Unders.  All told, each session will have about 3 hours of competition.  Sunday will host the swimmers in the 1000 free as one session and then follow up with a combined session.  Warm-up times will remain the same as listed below...
  • Saturday - 9am warm-up, 10am competition, meet end around 1:30pm
  • Sunday - 7am for 1000 swimmers, 9am for all others, 10am competition, meet end around 1:00pm.
Teams will be assigned lanes based on entered athletes.  This will be posted at the meet.  The general warm-up is 50 minutes.  Once competition begins, lane 7 will be a buffer lane and lane 8 will remain open for continuous warm-ups... no diving.
  • RACE - lanes 1-4
  • OMM - lanes 5-6
  • SKY - lanes 7-8
We have two additional sets of bleachers being brought in.  Athletes may bring chairs, but cannot sit in front of any doors.  As for spectators, we are looking at allowing up to 1 spectator per athlete as seating permits. It is probably best to offer 12/Under parents seating first.  RACE Aquatics will live stream the meet as well.  All participants (parents, coaches, athletes, officials, volunteers, etc) must wear a mask while in the facility, including the pool deck as per Warren County School District.

The meet will be available on Meet Mobile.  As for heat sheets, they will be available either via Meet Mobile or on-site for sale.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

I look forward to a great experience for all participants at the first meet of the season.

Jim Smith
Head Coach
RACE Aquatics