NO PARKING or STOPPING allowed directly in front of the Y main doors.


There is NO PARKING or STOPPING allowed directly in front of the Y main doors. Double-parking anywhere in the driveway is NOT ALLOWED, even if you remain in your vehicle. Double parking blocks traffic, is dangerous to all swimmers trying to cross the driveway, and is in violation of the fire code. In addition, DO NOT block in any way or park in a handicapped space unless you have a designated handicapped vehicle identification tag. To park without such a tag is illegal and inconsiderate. There are many Y members with health or mobility challenges that may need to use those spots.

To ensure the safety of our swimmers and other Y members, please follow these guidelines:

FOR DROP-OFF: Park in a designated spot and walk your swimmer into the building OR drive through the last row of the parking lot and pull up alongside the sidewalk at the end of the building. Let your swimmer get out there. He/she can use the sidewalk to get to the lobby entrance. Please do not stop and use the area in front of the Y main doors to cap your swimmer. This blocks other drivers that are following proper drop off procedures.

FOR PICK-UP: In the evening, the parking lot is very busy, and you will often be picking up your swimmer in the dark. For safety purposes, please park in a designated spot, walk to the entrance of the Y to meet your swimmer, and then accompany your swimmer back to your car.