50m kick times


Below are results for the Olympic Way, Jr. Provincial, Provincial and Jr. National groups. This is one of a few test sets the coaches are scheduling into their programming throughout the season to help build progression. The bar has been set... be consistent, stay commited, concentrate and keep learning. Use this as a stepping stone. We will keep working with you to help you achieve your goals. Well done, swimmers!



Swimmer Time
William H. (JN) 43.00
Kaitlin K. (JN) 44.00
Emery M. (JN) 46.00
Kya P. (JN) 47.00
Lauren A. (JN) 48.00
Alex G. (P) 49.00
Amy S. (JN) 51.00
Isla D. (P) 51.00
Taylor D. (JN) 53.00
Riley G. (P) 54.00
Anderson W. (P) 55.00
Luke P. (JP) 57.00
Anelise L. (OW) 58.00
Taya O. (P) 59.00
Ryhan A. (JP) 59.00
Jocelyn K. (JP) 1:00.00
Reid P. (OW) 1:02.00
Addison B. (JP) 1:03.00
Kaden U. (JP) 1:03.00
Brooklyn M. (OW) 1:03.00
Chloe B. (JP) 1:04.00
Hugh S. (JP) 1:04.00
Odin O. (OW) 1:04.00
Bergen L. (OW) 1:06.00
Kylie K. (OW) 1:06.00
Jafar A. (JP) 1:07.00
Jace M. (JP) 1:08.00
Bentley E. (OW) 1:11.00
Jonah G. (JP) 1:12.00
Priya W. (OW) 1:12.00
Braddach L. (OW) 1:12.00
Zachery S. (JP) 1:13.00
Nicolas H. (JP) 1:17.00
Hailey P. (JP) 1:20.00
Willow S. (OW) 1:21.00
Sophia A. (OW) 1:29.00
William S. (JP) 1:37.00