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Welcome to Winter Swim with Rocklin Swim Team

Dear Rocklin Swim Team families,

Thank you for signing up for the RST Winter Session, we are excited to have you join us! Please contact [email protected] if you have questions about your registration. You will be receiving our “Weekly Mail” every Sunday for updates on schedules, events and meets. Below is an outline of information for the season:

  • Schedule for Winter  Practice  and Swim  Meets  is on our website. 
  • Every swimmer is required to be registered with USA Swimming. Information about the fees payable for your USA swim membership can be found  here  on our site.
  • Your first meet is in a couple weeks in Elk Grove, Dec 4-5 with deadline to register by midnight Nov 25th. To sign up for the  please go to  , and click on the "Enter Meets" tab and select “Matt Castro Memorial” meet. 
  • If you have never registered for a USA Swimming Meet before please click here  to see the “Tutorial for Online Meet Entry” on our site. Our league is Sierra Nevada and our team code is RMAV.
  • For any events above 100yds, please consult your coaches before registering. 
  • For information about suits and swim gears please click  here.
  •  RST provides kickboards and buoys, all other swim gears are optional for families to purchase. 

Update 11/29/21:

What to do when you arrive at a swim meet: 

  1. Look for Rocklin Swim Team tents. We have a  tent set up for your swimmers and encourage you to have your swimmers (and parents too - room permitting) spend the day with their teammates. 
  2. Go to the meet  "athlete check-in" to check in for your races. Some meets do not require check-ins. 
  3.  Check in with the meet coach for warm-ups. Our coaches will share where they will be stationed during the meet so that your swimmer can check with them before and after each race!
  4. Parents listen to announcer for volunteer shifts as a  family member is required to time at any meet your child swims . The number of timing shift(s) and certified USAS Officials a team is required to provide are determined by the host team (based on how many swimmers from each team are attending). A few days before the meet there will be a team email for JOB SIGNUPS sent to families.

We are happy to hear your questions or concerns so please contact your swimmer’s coach or any of our board members for assistance  Coach and Board Contact .