Swim Meet Changes!

LASC Members,

Swim Alberta released their new Requirements & Recommendations for Training and Competition on October 5th and there a some impactful elements for LASC swimmers.

Daily Training

  • There are no new requirements for our 12 and older swimmers
  • There are some new recommendations for our 11 & under swimmers regarding limiting numbers per groups and keeping groups consistent.
  • We will be reviewing the set up of our training groups with swimmers crossing age groups and do expect some minor changes. Fortuneatley, with the Jr. Horns groups becoming set we are already swimming in fixed groups in a relatively spread out space.
  • Please continue to prepare your swimmer/s to stay masked on deck until their swim time.
  • Please keep your child home from swimming if they are displaying any Covid related symptoms



From Swim Alberta

The suspension on invitational competitions will be lifted by Swim Alberta as of October 18th, 2021. Competitions may be permitted for swimmers of any age, with requirements in place based on the age and type of competition.   All swimmers, including swimmers age 11 and under, may participate in single club or dual meets.  Multi-Club competitions may be permitted for swimmers age 12 and older. 

Proof of vaccination, a negative test result or a medical exemption is required for all individuals age 12 and older for multi-club competitions. This includes all swimmers, coaches, officials and volunteers. Multi-club competitions are not permitted at this time for swimmers age 11 and younger.

With our planned LASC Fall Challenge Meet just 16 days away and is a go! We have adjusted the meet program for the 12 & older eligible swimmers, and are planning a Time Trial Meet for our 11 & under competitive swimmers between the sessions. This does not involve Jr Horns. The revised 12 & over meet package is posted on the event page.

We will have confirmed times for the 11 & U Time Trial once the meet entries are finalized next Tuesday - most likely 1:30-3:30 pm on Saturday and 8:00-10:30 am on Sunday.  The 11 & under time trial will not be sanctioned but the times will count towards qualifying for the Swim Alberta Festival.

Please sign up your swimmers on the event page (same sign up for Swim Meet/Time Trial) and also sign up to help volunteer with officiating.

Please contact me or your group coach if you have any questions regarding any aspect of the LASC program.