Piranha Post

Dear PVAC,

Did you know that our mascot is the PIRANHA!?! I didn't either! Upon recently learning this news, the Sunday Newsletter has been unofficially renamed...The Piranha Post. I've done some quick reading up on piranhas.  Everything you thought you knew about the speed and ferocity of completely true!

A big THANKS to all of you for a great first week. It was busy with a parent meeting, swim suit try ons, and a thunderstorm.  But, it was great to see a pool full of swimmers again!


1. We follow the guidance of the PV School District and Ursinus regarding parents in the stands.  Please remain masked and distanced if you are in the stands. We encourage parents whose swimmers are comfortable with you not being in the stands to remain outside during practice. Our goal is for PVAC to remain healthy so we can have a successful season and be in the stands when it comes time to watch our Piranhas race in meets!

2. Photos and videos from the balcony are not permitted. Also, please no coaching or directing from the stands, this is distracting to all in the pool and all on deck.

3. Stay tuned for practice schedule changes in the coming weeks. Levels will be switched around and there will be some updates due to home water polo games.

4.Shout out to Beth Keenan and Frank Giorandi for organizing the Clothing and Electronics Drives! Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make it happen! And cheers to all who dropped off donations!

5. We are still working out the details of a Mock Meet - a date will be released soon.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

PVAC Board


Swim Partners