Piranha Post

Dear Piranhas,
We hope you had a great weekend! Please be sure to check the calendar, there are some PV High School water polo games that cause changes to the schedule this week.  It’s always good to check the calendar before you head out to practice!

Mock Meet
The Mock Meet Is on the Calendar!
Sign Up Deadline – 10/22/21
Meet Date – 10/25/21
The Mock Meet is for Level 1, Level 2, any new swimmers that want to gain experience in a meet like setting, and our buddies (more to come on that below).  There is a job sign up for the mock meet, as the mock meet is also for new parents to learn volunteer roles for a meet.   If you have a swimmer participating, please volunteer for a job at the mock meet. 
Invitational Deadlines –(Invitational meets are optional)
Hatboro-Horsham High Five
Sign Up Deadline – 10/20/2021
Meet Date – 11/7/2021
Swimmers swim all 5 events at this meet, please be sure to check all 5 events if you are signing up for this invitational.
North Penn Trophy Meet
Sign Up Deadline – 10/20/2021
Meet Date – 11/21/2021
Please choose up to 5 events for your swimmer
USA Deadline
Episcopal January Jam (Sunday Session Only)
Sign Up Deadline – 10/20/2021
Meet Date – 1/16/2022 (Happy New Year!!)
Fall Fest
We still need volunteers at both sessions for Fall Fest. There are also many slots still open for snack bar donations. If you have questions about volunteer positions please email a board member and we can help you find the perfect volunteer spot.

With so many new families this year, we have initiated a buddy system that we hope to carry on in years to come!  One of the great, unique attributes of an age group swimming and diving team is that 6 year olds and 16 year olds are on the same team, working towards the same goals. It’s pretty amazing.  So, we are matching up our youngest swimmers with our most seasoned swimmers in a buddy system.  This will give our young swimmers someone to ask questions to and someone to cheer for at meets. It will also give our most seasoned swimmers an opportunity share all of their swimming and PVAC knowledge and someone to cheer for and encourage at meets. We hope that our buddies can meet each other at the mock meet. Levels 5&6 typically have practice on Monday night, so we hope you are able to come to the mock meet, meet your buddy, and swim in a relay with them during the mock meet.  Buddies will receive a separate email shortly.
Have A Great Week,
PVAC Board


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