DCST National Results Day 2
DCST National Results (Day 2)
                Day 2 of the YMCA National Championships was a phenomenal day for DCST. Out of DCST’s 11 individual swims, 10 were lifetime best times; and both of DCST’s relay made finals with some huge time drops. The Men’s 200 Medley Relay team of Grant Alef, Michael Gordon, Kei Isihmaru and Chad Thompson dropped over 6 seconds in prelims and another second in finals to finish 5th. The Girl’s 200 Medley Relay (Emily Launer, Valerie Jones, Katie Hallenbeck and Casey Jepsen) dropped over 4 seconds from their seed time to earn a 16th place finish. All 8 swimmers earned National All-American honors. Grant and Emily’s lead off 50 Backstroke times were new DCST team records.
                In the individual events, Grant Alef led the way with 4th place finish in the Men’s 100 Backstroke. He broke his previous team record with 1.3 second time improvement on the day. Grant’s finish earned him National All-American honors. Emily Launer also earned National All-American honors with her 7th place finish in the Women’s 400 Freestyle. Her time was also a new DCST team Record.
                In the Men’s 200 IM, DCST had two National All-Americans with Chad Thompson finishing 9th and Michael Gordon 15th. Chad’s time was another new DCST team record. He had an impressive 1.5 second time improvement on the day. DCST’s other time improvements on the day: Casey Jepsen – 100 Backstroke (2.5 seconds), Tara Gidazewski - 100 Backstroke (2.0 seconds), Chad Thompson - 100 Backstroke (1.8 seconds), Ryan Schultz – 50 Breaststroke (1.7 seconds), Valerie Jones – 200 IM (6.6 seconds), Kei Ishimaru – 200 IM (4.3 seconds) and Cory Page – 50 Free (.2 seconds).
Complete DCST Results from Day 2
Women’s 100 Backstroke
                Casey Jepsen
                                Prelims – 1:08.84 (23rd)
                                Finals – 1:09.43 (23rd)
                Tara Gidazewski – 1:09.55 (41st)
Men’s 100 Backstroke
                Grant Alef
                                Prelims – 59.94 (8th) – New DCST Team Record
                                Finals – 58.63 (4th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record
                Chad Thompson – 1:00.89 (18th)
Women’s 400 Freestyle
                Emily Launer
                                Prelims – 4:29.01 (5th) – New DCST Team Record
                                Finals – 4:30.76 (7th) – National All-American
Men’s 50 Breaststroke
                Ryan Schultz – 35.20 (96th)
Women’s 200 IM
                Valerie Jones – 2:30.56 (34th)
Men’s 200 IM
                Chad Thompson
                                Prelims – 2:12.56 (11th)
                                Finals – 2:11.77 (9th) – National All-American, New DCST Team Record
Michael Gordon
                                Prelims – 2:13.77 (16th)
                                Finals – 2:14.89 (15th) – National All-American
                Kei Ishimaru – 2:18.44 (46th)
Women’s 200 Medley Relay
                Emily Launer, Valerie Jones, Katie Hallenbeck, Casey Jepsen
                                Prelims – 2:05.35 (15th)
                                Finals – 2:05.44 (16th)
                All 4 swimmers earned National All-American honors
                Emily’s lead off split of 31.09 in prelims was a New DCST Team Record
Men’s 200 Medley Relay
                Grant Alef, Michael Gordon, Kei Ishimaru, Chad Thompson
                                Prelims – 1:50.76 (8th)
                                Finals – 1:49.76 (5th)
                All 4 swimmers earned National All-American honors
                Grant’s lead off split of 27.91 in finals was a New DCST Team Record
Team Scoring
                Women – 13th Place
                Men – 4th Place
                Combined Men and Women – Tied for 6th Place