50m kick 2.0

There was improvement up and down the board, which is great to see. Important things to remember when your trying to drop time. It's not just kicking hard and fast. It's about how much water you can move with your legs and feet. Having your hips at the surface, longer legs, loose but strong ankles to get more snap out of your feet and feel the water coming off of your toes. Keep working at it, stay focused and pay attention to how your kick feels. The coaches will keep working with you on improving your technique.




50m kick #1
50m kick #2
Swimmer Time   Swimmer Time
William H. (JN) 43.00   Kaitlin K. (JN) 43.00
Kaitlin K. (JN) 44.00   William H. (JN) 44.00
Emery M. (JN) 46.00   Lauren A. (JN) 45.00
Kya P. (JN) 47.00   Emery M. (JN) 46.00
Lauren A. (JN) 48.00   Kya P. (JN) 46.00
Alex G. (P) 49.00   Luke P. (JP) 51.00
Amy S. (JN) 51.00   Alex G. (P) 52.00
Isla D. (P) 51.00   Amy S. (JN) 52.00
Taylor D. (JN) 53.00   Riley G. (P) 54.00
Riley G. (P) 54.00   Anelise L. (OW) 56.00
Anderson W. (P) 55.00   Isla D. (P) 57.00
Luke P. (JP) 57.00   Odin O. (JP) 58.00
Anelise L. (OW) 58.00   Jace M. (JP) 59.00
Taya O. (P) 59.00   Jocelyn K. (JP) 59.00
Ryhan A. (JP) 59.00   Kayden U. (JP) 1:00.00
Jocelyn K. (JP) 1:00.00   Chloe B. (JP) 1:00.00
Reid P. (OW) 1:02.00   Reid P. (OW) 1:00.00
Addison B. (JP) 1:03.00   Brooklyn M. (OW) 1:00.00
Kaden U. (JP) 1:03.00   Alana J. (JN) 1:01.00
Brooklyn M. (OW) 1:03.00   Taya O. (P) 1:01.00
Chloe B. (JP) 1:04.00   Addison B. (JP) 1:01.00
Hugh S. (JP) 1:04.00   Ryhan A. (JP) 1:02.00
Odin O. (JP) 1:04.00   Sophia A. (OW) 1:02.00
Bergen L. (OW) 1:06.00   Priya W. (OW) 1:03.00
Kylie K. (OW) 1:06.00   Kylie K. (OW) 1:05.00
Jafar A. (JP) 1:07.00   Bentley E. (OW) 1:06.00
Jace M. (JP) 1:08.00   Bergen L. (OW) 1:06.00
Bentley E. (OW) 1:11.00   Jonah G. (JP) 1:07.00
Jonah G. (JP) 1:12.00   Willow S. (OW) 1:08.00
Priya W. (OW) 1:12.00   Hugh S. (JP) 1:09.00
Braddach L. (OW) 1:12.00   Jafar A. (JP) 1:09.00
Zachery S. (JP) 1:13.00   Braddach L. (OW) 1:10.00
Nicolas H. (JP) 1:17.00   Oliver S. (OW) 1:10.00
Hailey P. (JP) 1:20.00   Nicolas H. (JP) 1:13.00
Willow S. (OW) 1:21.00   Hailey P. (JP) 1:14.00
Sophia A. (OW) 1:29.00   Kalani B. (OW) 1:14.00
William S. (JP) 1:37.00   William S. (JP) 1:18.00
Fastest time by group
Fastest time by group
Junior National - William H.
Junior National - Kaitlin K.
Provincial- Alex G.     Provincial- Alex G.  
Junior Provinical- Luke P.
Junior Provinical- Luke P.
Olympic Way- Anelise L.
Olympic Way- Anelise L.