Update on COVID Proceedures at Freedom Hall Pool


The City of Jonson City has just removed mask requirements for public buildings, including Freedom Hall Pool. I appreciate those swimmers and families who have been diligent in abiding by the rules that were put in place. I know that the coaching staff did have to give some reminders, but by and large the kids did a fine job.

With the new ruling, we are adjusting our policy regarding masks at practice in Freedom Hall. Beginning today, masks will not be required. However, if a child or family is either at-risk or simply feels safer wearing a mask, we fully and totally respect and support that decision. Other team members are expected to respect that decision, also.

Regarding other COVID safeguards that are still in place:

  • If anyone has symptoms of COVID or tests positive for the disease, they are expected to stay home and follow CDC guidelines concerning quarantining , isolating, and testing. Those testing positive should have a note from their doctor indicating that they are released to return to athletic activities. This is simply a safeguard for those children who may be at risk for post-infection complications.
  • Anyone who has been in close contact, as defined by the CDC, with someone who has tested positive for COVID should follow CDC guidelines concerning quarantining and testing. CDC guidelines and protocols can be found here:
  • Children are still encouraged to arrive in their suits, as this cuts down on congestion in the locker rooms. With the weather turning chilly, exiting the facility while wet is not as practical as it was in the summer. Locker rooms are available for those who need to use them to change after practice.
  • Swimmers should be aware of their surroundings and behavior as they relate to health. Coughing, sneezing or other behaviors should be mitigated to reduce the spread of germs. Covering one’s mouth and turning away from others are two strategies to accomplish this. For general overall health we need to be cognizant of reducing the spread of all germs, not just those associated with the COVID virus. Swimmers should be reminded not to share water bottles or snorkels. Simple hygiene such as washing one’s hands is expected.
  • We are still going to limit the number of people on the pool deck, as social distancing remains a problem in such a small venue. Therefore, parents should view their children from outside of the building. We are fortunate to have a lot of windows at the facility. As we see what the results of relaxing the mask requirements are, we may be able to relax other restrictions later.

As is evident by the cases reported in our area, people are still getting COVID. I am not going to get into anyone’s politics on the matter. Just be aware that even though restrictions have been loosened, there may be a time when protocols are reinstated. If that occurs, we will re-evaluate our procedures in order to keep our members and their families safe.  As always, we will communicate those to you.

Thank-you for all you have done so we can keep our swimmers in the pool and enjoying the sport!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Chris