Recap for the Killarney SC Invitational

 A big group of swimmers competed at the KSC meet in Calgary. 25 swimmers from the National, National 1 and Junior National raced Friday through Sunday. There were a lot new best times, with swimmers competing in 6 or more events. Here are some highlights from the weekend...

50% or more best times acheived 

Lauren Anderson - 6 / 6 swims

Sofiya Chistyakova - 5 / 6 swims  

Taylor Ginther - 4 /7 swims

Kate Hill - 4 / 6 swims

Kaitlin Kozub - 4 / 6 swims

Sara Kozub - 4 / 7 swims

Calyn Lothian - 6 / 6 swims

Kya Pratt - 5 /6 swims

Jayda Tymko - 6 / 6 swims

Payton Walper - 4 / 7 swims


Swimmers that qualified for finals 

Taylor Ginther          Sofiya Chistyakova          Makena Wood          Jake Odorski

JaydaTymko            Kate Hill                            Carly Beck               Calyn Lothian

Petra Tymko            Hannah Alexander            Aki Oshima              Finley Lothian

Amelie Gouttin         Daniel Alexander


Swimmers that reached the podium

Taylor Ginther          Sofiya Chistyakova          Makena Wood          Kate Hill

Calyn Lothian          Daniel Alexander


Swimmers that won there events

Makena Wood - 50 & 100m Breaststroke

Taylor Ginther - 50 & 100m backstroke

Daniel Alexander - 400m freestyle

Calyn Lothian - 100m freestyle


There were are a lot of fast swims throughout the morning sessions but a great improvement from heats to finals. Congratulations to all the swimmers that made it the finals and the ones that finished in the Top 3 of there events!

Seeing the adjustments made in practices being carried over into races, is a sign of progression and being on the right path. Other things like, bouncing back on a next swim when the previous one didn't go as planned. The ability to be in the moment and not let the past affect you. Having the fortitude to carry on was great to see. The coaches are very proud of the effort day in and day out. Really good job LASC!