Thankful for......

It is so hard to believe we are headed towards the end of 2021!

When I sat down and began to think of what to include in this newsletter, I started to remember last years’ Thanksgiving Day and I keep thinking WOW!  I am so thankful that we have our new normal.  I am so thankful that we have our great pool facility to swim in and call “home”.  Most of all, I am thankful that I have the privilege of being part of your swimmer’s daily journey.  We are truly blessed for so many reasons beyond swimming…
Our swim team is full of talented, intelligent, humorous, humble, courageous, bold, adventurous, and good hearted kids.  I have the front row seat of the great parenting you have given your swimmers.  I see the bond between your kids.  The pure happiness for each other  and still a shoulder to lend to a swimmer needing a friend.  The bond these kids have is so hard to articulate.  I can tell you being part of this swim family makes me a stronger and a better individual.   Every day, I  see your children rise to whatever challenges come their way whether  in and/or  out of the pool water. 

I have watched many of your swimmers grow up right in front of my eyes.  One such swimmer has been with me/the team going on 8 years. This swimmer has exhibited strength and leadership both in and out of the water, and has continuously made myself and his team proud. He serves as a CWGA Co-Captain, and Head Jr. Swim Coach, working hard to highlight the value of both hard work, and giving back, always acting with respect and humility, making him an excellent role model to our younger athletes.

It is rare that you find an individual who comes in daily with the work ethic and caring attitude that this athlete always exhibits.

You may be asking why is Coach Teresa going on and on about this swimmer.  Well… I want to tell you about a wonderful blessing  your  Swim Team Captain  Michael Gairing was able to be part of….

Michael attends Alliance Academy HS and is exploring going into the medical field.   
He is part of the EMT program from the school. 
Michael was on his first ride along with the EMT ambulance crew a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn’t long until their crew was headed on scene to a cardiac arrest (someone’s heart had stopped and they were not breathing). 
The cardiac arrest victim was in the midst of receiving CPR from the EMT crew, and then it was Michael’s turn to do chest compressions.  During Michael’s chest compressions the patient regained a pulse and heart rhythm.  He was revived and transported to the hospital to receive additional needed care. 
Michael was honored with an award last weekend for his act and care during the revival of the patient.  We are so proud of you Michael!

So…. As I sat here turning to figure out how to convey what I am thankful for to our team members….
Michael popped into my mind first thing. Flash backs came to the “younger” Michael that showed to practice many years ago.  I used to and still to this day tell his mom, “I wish I could xerox Michael a thousand times!”  Hard worker, pleasure to coach, and always brings a smile or laughter  in my day.

Then it hit me……

I am thankful to play such a small role in watching your kids grow up to be whatever makes them happy, and to start leading the way for others to follow.

Thankful  for each and every one of you >ƒ

Coach Teresa