Surrey LC Invitational Recap

This is a busy weekend of racing for our team and it was kicked off with six Hurricanes racing at the Surrey LC Invitational on Friday afternoon. This was the first long course competition (competing in a 50m Pool) for our swimmers since before the pandemic started. Great results for this point in the season and a solid starting point for long course racing throughout they year!

Henry raced to bests in all three of his events, showing a lot of speed early in his 200m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle!

Tristan had a great 100m Backstroke with really strong underwaters, finishing just over a minute with a time of 1:01.17! He also set new bests in the 50m Freestyle and 200m Backstroke while gaining valuable experience racing his events over 50m.

Thea was focused on long course strategy racing in her events and setting herself up for big improvements in the future.

It was great to have Jessica back with us for the past week of training! Jessica raced an incredible 100m Breaststroke, accelerating into the turn and finish! She was also very good in her other races, the 100m Butterfly and 200m Breaststroke.

Rafael had a fantastic 100m Breaststroke, holding his speed well into the walls! He also went a best time in the 200m Breaststroke.

Natalie had a big best time in the 50m Freestyle, closing in on the Provincial time standard! Her 100m Butterfly was also very strong, great easy speed to start each length.

We also had a great time watching Martin winning the 100m Butterfly, 200m Butterfly and finishing third in the 50m Freestyle while swimming butterfly after joining us for practices with us this past week.

Now we look forward to our 12&unders racing today at our Hollyburn Invitational before our entire team will be on deck tomorrow for the second day of racing!

100% Best Times
Henry B, Tristan G, Rafael W

New Team Records
15&over Girls

2:30.14 – 200m Backstroke – Thea Masselink (was Jennifer Darling 2:31.35 2009)
1:13.41 – 100m Breaststroke – Jessica Strong (was Katie Bell 2:14.27 2010)
15&over Boys
1:13.25 – 100m Breaststroke – Rafael Wang (was Jason Chow 1:17.61 2013)
2:49.14 – 200m Breaststroke – Rafael Wang (was Jason Chow 2:50.26 2013)

New Time Standards

Canadian Junior Championships
Tristan Govier    100m Backstroke

Canadian Western Championships
Tristan Govier    100m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke