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USA Swim Meet Guide/Swim Meet Information

Dear RST Families, 

As a member of RST, family participation is vital to our program’s success. We are required to provide timers and certified officials at every meet where we compete.  A parent or family member is required to time at any meet your child swims . The number of timing shift(s) and certified USAS Officials a team is required to provide are determined by the host team (based on how many swimmers from each team are attending). Families can earn $100 team credit after completing training to become USAS Officials and you can learn more  here .


Our website has information on how to register for a meet, please see our tutorial page . Here is an outline of how the process works  after your swimmer(s) sign up for a USA swim sanctioned meet:

  1. Registration will close for meet entries and our team will later receive information about our requirements for that meet. The meet information is usually received during the week of the meet between Mon-Thu.
  2. Once the meet information is received, the staff will send out a "meet info" email to the participating families, which includes volunteer shifts for timers and officials.
  3. After you receive the “meet info” email, the bottom of our homepage under the meet event will have the JOB SIGNUP button so families can assign themselves a shift to work at the meet. The timing chair is the best seat in the house to watch your swimmer race! 

The meet information email will provide a link or attachment to the meet documents from the host team website that has an estimated meet timeline and other important updates from the meet director.

What to do when you arrive at a swim meet: 

  1. Look for Rocklin Swim Team tents. We have a  tent set up for your swimmers and encourage you to have your swimmers (and parents too - room permitting) spend the day with their teammates. 
  2. Go to the meet  "athlete check-in" to check in for your races. Some meets do not require check-ins. 
  3.  Check in with the meet coach for warm-ups. Our coaches will share where they will be stationed during the meet so that your swimmer can check with them before and after each race!

We are happy to hear your questions or concerns so please contact your swimmer’s coach or any of our board members for assistance  Coach and Board Contact .