VPSC Winter Invitational

The Hurricanes were represented by five swimmers at the VPSC Winter Invitational this past weekend. Swimmers needed Western Canadian Championship time standards to participate in the meet so it was the fastest age group meet in the province so far this season! Our swimmers did a tremendous job managing themselves at our first three day, heats and finals meet since Provincials in March 2020. There were a few lessons learnt along the way but that is part of the process of racing at these meets early in the season. It is all about setting up top performances at Canadian Trials and Canadian Westerns in April, then racing event faster at Canadian Junior/Senior Championships in the summer.

Henry had a really strong meet with a very fast 50m Butterfly and showing lots of speed in his 100m Butterfly. He did a great job of improving on his performances in heats when he got on the blocks again in finals.

Josh had a very impressive 100m Butterfly, racing well under his best time with a big performance in finals. He also had a very solid 200m Backstroke holding his speed well with a lot of work on the second half of the race.

Tristan had a great meet racing multiple events in heats and finals each day. His best result might have been his 800m Freestyle where he took off 17 seconds and maintained a long powerful stroke with maybe a bit too much energy at the end. He swam to many official best times and raced under the Canadian Trials standard in all three backstroke events.

Thea keeps on making steps forward at each meet. Putting together strong parts in each race. Her underwaters were very powerful and gave her a big advantage over most swimmers. Thea put together a really nice 200m Individual Medley to race well under the Western standard and just miss the Trials time.

Rafael raced at the meet to help let us have a relay team. He did a tremendous job in his 100m Breaststroke leg of our medley relay, breaking 1:10 for the first time and swimming well under his best 100m Breaststroke Westerns standard.   

New Team Records
15&over Girls

29.45 – 50m Backstroke – Thea Masselink (was Jessica Strong 30.19 2021)
1:04.66 – 100m Backstroke – Thea Masselink (was Jessica Strong 1:06.80 2021)
2:18.03 – 200m Backstroke – Thea Masselink (was Thea Masselink 2:23.25 2021)
2:21.78 – 200m Individual Medley – Thea Masselink (was Jessica Strong 2:25.86 2021)
15&over Boys
8:43.11 – 800m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Henry Brewster 9:23.89 2021)

New Time Standards

Western Canadian Championships  
Tristan Govier                    50m Butterfly
Thea Masselink                 200m Individual Medley

Canadian Trials
Tristan Govier                    50m Backstroke