December SOTM

Junior Provincial Swimmer of the Month

Jocelyn Kozub has had excellent attendance all year, and that continued in December. She truly loves being in the water and that shows every day. She's one of the few swimmers who gets excited for more difficult sets. Her enthusiasm and passion for swimming makes it easy to work with her. Jocelyn always puts forth her best effort in practice, working on her technique and is always challenging herself. Keep it up Jocelyn!


Olympic Way Swimmer of the Month

Braddach Livingston has shown so much focus on all of his skills, especially his turns and streamlines, which has propelled him to better his swimming in December! He has been consistent with his effort every practice and listens to his coaches. He shows up excited to swim and always has a smile on his face. Braddach has also been working extremely hard on his breast stroke kick and his determination to improve these challenging skills is exemplary to his teammates! Great work Braddach, we are so proud of you!