Reminder Jan 16th

Weekly Reminder for January 16th   

Upcoming Reminders   

Fantastic swimming this weekend! Some of you really impressed me!

Monthly fees were due yesterday! If you pay monthly please pay by tomorrow at the latest or your swimmer can not practice.

Normal practice Monday-Wednesday,Friday.

Thursday- high school girls meet. We need HS boys and gold swimmers to please come and time the meet. Please arrive by 3pm.

Monday practice changes- B1/B2 4:45-5:20, Silver 4:45-6, Gold 4:50-6:30, JR 4:50-6:45 

Please check your mailboxes! Tom & Becky info and job sign ups are in them. 

Upcoming Info

Register for Jan 30th home meet by Jan 21st.. 

We are officially hosting regionals March 4-6. Everyone should plan to attend.

Strong Community 

The YMCA is kicking off the 2022 strong community campaign. The campaign supports those in need of assistance with membership and programming. The Y gives $100,000 each year in scholarships. If you are able please help support this campaign by donating to the HHST banner. We are trying to raise $1500 towards the banner. The board and coaches have pledged $750 so we are halfway there! Forms will be in each mailbox. You can return to the black HHST box outside my office. If your family would like their own banner, please let us know (small are $500 and hang on the track or $1000 can hang in wellness, aquatics, or gym-your choice.) Any questions can be directed to Mike or Kelly.

Tom and Becky

TB info is in the mailboxes, t-shirts are cheaper if you order ahead of time. Please turn in asap.

Worker sheets should be in mailboxes too.


The January Calendar is online.