Team Suit Try-ons Tuesday before practice

Try-ons for the 2022 team suit will be this Tuesday, May 31, from 6pm-7:30pm at the Lovettsville pool.  Swimmers can use the changing rooms at the pool to try-on the suit samples.

 The vendor, Pools, Patios, and Porches, will be there to assist in fittings.  You can order the suit directly from them. It will have a Lovettsville Dolphins logo on it.  

 Girl’s suits are $55, boy’s jammer is $42, and boy’s brief is $34.

 Suit information and details:

·You do NOT have to purchase a team suit.  They are optional, but encouraged.

·This is the first year for this suit.  We will use the same team suit next year (2023).

·There are 2 styles for girls to choose from: a thin strap and thick strap.

·The boys have a choice between a jammer (like shorts) or brief/racer (like a bikini).

·There is no mark-up on the suit prices (in other words, the team does not make money from the suit purchase).  

·The suit from Pools, Patios, and Porches, is a navy blue suit with the team logo on it.  You do not have to purchase the suit from Pools, Patios, and Porches.  They can put the team logo on any navy blue suit that is new (never worn) for a fee. 

Suit fitting tips:

·  It really is best to try on the suits.  If you can’t make it Tuesday evening, you can go to the Pools, Patio, and Porches store in Frederick, MD, and try them on.  Their staff can also advise you on proper fit for a competition suit.

·The 2 different styles for girls fit quite differently.  If your daughter doesn’t like the fit on the thin strap, try the thick strap.

·Three things to look for when you try on the suit to ensure a good fit for a girl's suit:

1.      The torso should not have any wrinkles when the swimmer is standing up straight.

2.      The top of the suit should lay flat against the swimmer's chest when they bend over; it should not gape away from the chest.

3.      When you lift the shoulder straps up off the shoulders, you should not be able to stretch them above the ears.