Shadow Cliffs Certification

WCM Open Water Outing to Shadow Cliffs Reservoir  East Bay Regional Park

Are you interested in practicing open water swims?  An opportunity will be arranged next Spring to become certified to swim at East Bay Regional Park at Shadow Cliffs Reservoir in Pleasanton. 
An annual $25 Orca membership fee and liability waiver is required to swim at Shadow Cliffs. This fee pays for your competency swim test and permits future swims at Shadow Cliffs for one year. Orca representatives conduct the swim test. This test involves swimming 300 yards in less than 8 minutes in 8 foot deep water.
While you will not be swimming as a member of Walnut Creek Masters, we support individuals who chose to swim with Orcas to develop their open water swim skills and techniques for open water competition.
Look forward to this opportunity in Spring of 2010.   Open water, opens minds!