Area 3/5 Results


This past weekend we had thirty four swimmers compete and excel at the Area 3/5 meet held at the North Shore Pool in St. Petersburg, FL.  We were witness to some tremendous swimming from all of our swimmers and it was great to see everyone finish off the season so well!


First, we had quite a few swimmers drop huge amounts of time in some of their events.  They were: Erin Brennan (21 seconds in the 500Fr), Christina Cianciolo (32sec – 200Fr, 22sec – 100Bk, 21sec – 100IM), Andrew Coleman (41sec – 500Fr, 15sec – 100Fly, 15sec – 200IM), Giulia de Lima (24sec – 400IM), Mariah Gil (22sec – 100Fr), Alexis Hernandez (18sec – 200Fr), Stephanie Hernandez (24sec – 200Fr, 16sec – 200IM), Jaclyn Malfa (28sec – 200IM), Erika Meya (58sec – 200Fr), AJ Myers (16sec – 500Fr), and Kyle Romero (30sec – 200IM, 16sec – 100IM).  Amazing!


Next, we had twenty swimmers finish in the top ten in at least one of their events.  They were: Erin (50Fr), Christina (50/100/200Fr, 50/100Bk, 200IM), Andrew (500Fr, 100Fly, 400IM), Giulia (500Fr, 100/200Br, 200/400IM), Avani Deshpande (100Br, 400IM), Olivia Donovan (50Bk), Ana Dunn (25Bk), Alexis (50Fr, 50Bk, 50Br, 25/50Fly, 100IM), Stephanie (200Fr, 50/100Bk, 50/100Br, 100/200IM), Mia Louis (100Fr), Erika (200Fr, 50Br, 25Fly), AJ (500Fr, 100/200Bk, 200/400IM), Cameron Newton (400IM), Gabi Pinero-Crespo (50Fr, 100Bk), Christian Romero (100/200/500Fr, 100/200Fly, 400IM), Kyle (50Fr, 50/100Fly, 100/200IM), Ryan Rosal (100Bk, 50Fly, 100IM), Oliver Shaub (100Fly), Felix Stetsenko (1000Fr), and Emily Sullivan (50Bk, 50Br, 100IM).  Outstanding!


Finally, CAT had seventeen swimmers swim 100% best times throughout the meet.  They were: Christina, Andrew, Giulia, Olivia, Ana, Grace Dunn, Mariah, Alexis, Stephanie, Mia, Jaclyn, Jessica Miller, AJ, Gabi, Christian, Felix, and Stefi Ticsa.  Excellent!


This was a great way to finish off the summer.  We now have two months until our next meet which gives us plenty of time to keep working hard with our technique and conditioning.  Great job everyone!