Southern Zones Results

This past week we had four CAT swimmers participate as part of Team Florida Swimming at the Southern Zone Championships in Atlanta, GA.  Needless to say our swimmers had quite the showing throughout the meet and this was just after swimming great a week earlier at the Florida Swimming Junior Olympics.


Naza Boscaino swam three new best times (50Bk, 100Fly, 200IM). Also, he helped the 11-12 boys 200Fr Relay finish fourth.

 Matthew Hirschberger set two new team records in the 11-12 boys age group.  There were the 50Bk (30.85) and the 100Bk (1:05.96).  Furthermore, he had three 3rd place finishes (50/100Bk, 400Fr), two fourth place finishes (200Fr Relay and 200 Medley Relay), and a fifth place finish (50Fr).

 Sydney Pickrem set one team record for the 13-14 girls when she went a 5:07.90 in the 400IM.  She also won the 200Br, took second in the 100Br and 200IM, third in the 400IM, fifth in the 200 Medley Relay, and seventh in the 200Bk.

 Finally, Grant Sanders three new best times (100Fr, 50Fly, 200IM).  Additionally, he finished eighth in the 400Fr, ninth in the 50Fly and 200IM, and tenth in the 100Fly.

 Great job and way to show everyone what CAT swimmers can do!