Secure Online Credit Card/Bank Account Processing

Dear Neptune Swim Parent...

Neptune Swimming is pleased to introduce our Secure Online Credit Card/Bank
Account Processing we have added to our current billing system that will save
you time and dramatically help reduce the amount of effort we spend collecting
money and as importantly our team's cash flow will improve.

As you may know our team relies on volunteer family members to handle our
complex billing and collections effort. As we have grown, the effort has become
difficult to manage without improved tools and process and is the reason we are
asking you to consider using your  or  Credit or Debit card to pay your monthly
dues and team fees.  Please note presently this is strictly optional.

It is easy and secure to administer. Visit to login
using the Sign-In Link on the top left of our team website. If you have
forgotten your password, please click on the Here link below the login fields to

submit your email address and last 4 digits of your home phone number and an
email will be sent to you with your existing password. If you do not have a user
name and password, please use the link to request user name and password from
team administrator. They will send you an email with your Username (which is
your email address) and password that you can change once logged in by clicking
on the Change Password Link in the upper right of the website.

Once logged in to your personal account you can select credit card/Bank account
processing by: 

    * Clicking on My Account tab
    * Then $ Payment Setup tab
    * Click on the pull down menu and select Automatically charge CREDIT CARD or


    * Click on the Edit link and fill in the data Completely and Save Changes
    * Once that window closes, click Save Changes at the bottom right of the

    * You’re set! The system will automatically charge your card on the 1st of
every month
or  Credit or Debit Card Payment Selector:
Important points...
You need to setup the processing at least 5 business days to allow the system to setup the transfer. 
When you first sign up for either Credit card/Automatic bank account
transfer processing,  the system will pull funds from either your Credit Card or
Bank account the 1st day of the month. 

An example would be if you signed up CC funding today July 16th, the funds will
be pulled August 1st.  During this period DO NOT submit another type of
payment.  We will ensure your account is not charged a late fee during the transition period....

Albert Yu
Treasurer, Neptune Swimming