CAT Masters Update

In addition to how well our competitive team is doing, our Masters team is doing quite well too!

This week, Grant Johnson will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico competing at the US Masters Summer Nationals.  The competition gets started August 9th and concludes Thursday, August 12th.  During the meet, Grant will be competing in the 50/100/200Fr and 50Bk.  Wish him good luck!


Also this week, Shane Deeley will be going to San Diego, CA to compete in the USA Junior Elite National Triathlon Championships.  With the amount of hours that Shane puts into his training he should do extremely well!


Even though Grant and Shane are competing at the National level, you don’t have to be in order to join Masters.  We have people that are doing it to stay in shape to those that want to compete to those that have specific goals in mind like Joann Fuller wanting to swim 400 miles in one year!  If you have any questions about joining the Masters program, don’t hesitate to call the office at 727-791-9542.