New Swimmer Registration Instructions

Swimmer Registration Instruction are below for the 2010 - 2011 MSA Short Course Season. Please read all instructions carefully...


Below is the email I sent to all the new families to Madison Swimming Association. If you are a new swimmer to MSA and did not receive this email, please email me at mailto:[email protected]. We ask that all new and returning swimmers be registered by the Parent Meeting, Tuesday, August 24, 2010.

New Families,

I want to personally wish you congratulations on behalf of the MSA Executive Committee for making the 2010 – 2011 Madison Swimming Association Swim Team.

Now, I have much to cover in this email. I know all this will seem very overwhelming in the beginning and I hope that I will help ease some concerns and answer any questions you might have about the swim team process.

First thing we need to get done is establish your swim account. Each family will have their own account that will access initial team registration, monthly billing and payment, registering for swim meets, signing up to volunteer at our Thanksgiving Invitational Meet (T.I.M.), and signing up for our annual banquet in the spring. Yes, this is all done online through our website now. Before we had four different websites to do all these functions with four different user IDs and passwords to keep up with! You picked a great year to join our team! So far the website seems very user friendly!

Below are the instructions to register…you may want to copy this email to have as reference while registering your swimmer.

Steps for Registration…

***If you already have MSA swimmers, you can use your existing account to add your new swimmer***
1.       Go to our website

2.      Click the option “START REGISTRATION” under the sign in button found on the left side of the page. This should bring up the 2010 – 2011 Registration Front Page. Please read all the information. On this page you will find the fees for each swim group plus the annual MSA and USA Swimming Registration Fees. The registration fees are due at this time. Monthly fees I will discuss later. FYI…make sure you know what swim group your child is in before you continue. This can be found in the “NEWS” section on the front page. You will need to know this information for registration.

3.      Click the blue button “REGISTER NOW” found at the bottom of the page.
4.      For “NEW REGISTRATIONS” who do not have siblings already swimming MSA, please highlight the “I am not sure if I have an Account on this team. This is the email address I want to use:”  Enter your email you would like to use then click the “NEXT” button.
5.      This next step starts the set up of your billing account. The email and password you use here will be your user ID and password to access your account from now on. You may add additional email addresses on this page (unfortunately there are only two extra boxes).  Please make sure you fill in all the information for the Billing Info, Guardian, and Ins./Emer. Contact tabs. Once completed, click the “NEXT” button.
6.      The next page set up is for your swimmer information. Please fill in all the swimmer information. This is where you register what swim group they were assigned to. The swim groups will pop up in a different box. For those who are registering for Development, there are two development groups, “Development” and “Senior Development”. Please make sure you register for the Development group the coaches placed your swimmer in. Once you have picked the swim group scroll down and click “Register the Member in the Registered Group”. Now click the “NEXT” button.
7.      Almost Done! Now, if you have multiple swimmers you are registering, hit the “ADD NEW MEMBER” button to go back and add additional swimmers. If you are finished registering, then hit the payment option of your choice.  However, if you hit “PAY BY CHECK”, your registration will not be accepted until monies are received by our Treasurer.

8.      The next page is the waiver and Code of Conduct page. All waivers must be accepted to continue with the registration process. Once waivers are accepted…
·         If paying by credit card, fill in card information and click the “PAY and SUBMIT the REGISTRATION” button.
·         If paying by check, click “COMPLETE REGISTRATION and PAY by CHECK”. However, if you hit “PAY BY CHECK”, pleaserememberyour registration will not be accepted until monies are received by our Treasurer.

Once your registration is submitted you should receive an email stating your registration was successful.
Steps for Auto Pay Sign Up…
Next step is setting up the “AUTO PAY” option. We would like for you to complete this by August 30!

1.       Log in to your account if not already logged in.
2.      Click the “SETUP AUTO PAY” button under the “MY ACCOUNT” section found down the left side column. By doing this, it allows your monthly fees and any fees for swim meets to be automatically deducted from your account. Your account will be billed the 21st of each month with the actual deductions happening on the 1st of the month. I am not certain at this time how meet fees or any other fees will be set up to draft out. When I find out, I will let you know.
3.      Click the payment method you wish to use. Follow steps and make sure you save changes. Below is why we ask you set up credit card payment instead of check…

“The system will dramatically help our team's cash-flow and as importantly save our team administrators significant time in manually processing checks. Plus the added benefit of worry-free payment processing for you too! Your payment will be automatically processed on the 1st of every month where a payment is due”

Now that those steps are complete, take some time and familiarize yourself with the website. It should have all the information you need to know. We do have a calendar that we try to keep updated. There is also the news and events section on the front page. The practice and meet schedules can be found under the swimmer and parent tabs on the red task bar.
If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me at this email. I look forward to serving you this 2010 – 2011 swim season.

Warmest Regards,
Jennifer Malone
MSA Registrar