Coach Rehkamp Invited To National Age Group Summit

This is a huge honor for the entire program to be proud of. Based on the selection process we are being considered one of the Top 12 programs in the country that have 201 -300 swimmers on the team. Other local teams that have been invited include, Mason Manta Rays, Dayton Raiders and Lakeside Seahawks.

Who:  Your Head Age-group coach, (Chad Rehkamp) can attend.  Due to limited space, no other participants will be allowed.  Based on the rankings of the Virtual Club Championships (VCC), only the top coaches in the country have been invited.

What:  USA Swimming’s Club Development Age-Group Coach’s Summit.  Spend your time in Colorado Springs learning from your peers and from key speakers about issues and topics that are pertinent to your everyday coaching.  All participants will be required to contribute information about their programs in an interactive forum that will serve as a key leaning tool.  More information to follow.

Where:  Colorado Springs, CO

When:  November 11th-14th, 2010

Why: The Age-Group Coaching Summit’s purpose is to bring the nation’s top age-group coaches together to provide an opportunity to develop coach’s education in an interactive forum.  This summit will focus on performance and on how to help you continue to develop and coach the nation’s top 11-14 year olds as well as give you a platform to share what you’ve done in your own program to get to your level of success.