Open Water 2010 - Creekers Lead the Pack

  Open Water 2010 – Creekers Lead the Pack

The open water season began early this year with two swims before the end of April.  The 1 & 2 mile at Shadow Cliffs Park in Pleasanton set the stage for two common occurrences at this year’s open water swims.  First, the water was a bit cool (mid 60s) as it has been at many of the swims. Second, WCM made a great showing with many Creekers finishing in the top 3 in one or both swims!

Less than ideal conditions seem to be the theme of this year’s open water season. Be it the questionable water at Parkside, a course through the weeds at Spring Lake, the waves at Berryessa, the long drive to Millerton, the skin rashes from Russian River, the frigid temperatures of Santa Cruz or the grueling 2.7 miles of Donner Lake many of the swims presented their own challenges. Through it all, Walnut Creek swimmers have excelled. With two events left in the season the team has 9 swimmers who are at the top of their age group point standings and another 2 who are in the top 3.

If you have never tried an open water swim, don’t let this year’s conditions scare you away. There are plenty of swims where the water is pristine and the temperature is comfortable. While you have the option to compete you can also approach a swim like a pleasant walk in the park where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings while maintaining your own comfortable pace.