A Message to Officials from Dave Smith


A Reminder to All Officials:
As the year ends, it is time to renew your USAS non athlete registration. Forms can be down loaded or obtained from your team representative.  Also please go to OTS and check your card to determine if the information is correct or recertification is required. Initial certification is good for one year.  Recertification is good for three years.  Remember that testing is only one of the requirements for recertification.  Working six sessions a year and annual attendance at clinics are the additional requirements.  OTS will identify if you meet these requirements, as long as you are registered.

A caution for those officials working local meets outside of Southeastern – A number of other LSCs do not use the OTS and you may have to manually enter your sessions worked.

If there are any discrepancies between what the OTS shows and what you actually have worked, please notify one of our Official Committee members so we can resolve the problem.