Week of September 12, 2010

Practice Schedule Changes for Week of September 12, 2010

Tuesday September 14

Sr Red/Black/White - 6:30-8:30am in the outdoor pool

Age Group 2 –9-11am in the outdoor pool  


Friday September 17

Sr Red/Black/White - 3:30-5:15pm swim then 45 minutes bubble work


 Saturday September 18

NO PRACTICES - All hands needed to help raise the bubble - 8AM


All other practice times are as scheduled



·         Meet notices for October swim meets are now on the website.  The schedule for the remainder of 2010 is also on the website.  

·         It's that time of year again!  The bubble raising is scheduled for Saturday September 18 at 8am.  It is ESSENTIAL that we have everyone's help to make the process go smoothly and quickly.   This is not an easy process and we MUST have many (50-75) strong people involved to pull the bubble across the pool!  Please bring your socket wrench sets - we specifically need 5/8, 9/16 and 15/16 socket wrenches! Help is also needed during the day Thursday and Friday.  If you can help for a few hours during the day Thursday or Friday, please contact Don Feinberg or Chris Kaplan at (301)-696-3484 or 240-344-5905.   Thank you!

·         MAC Board Meeting at 6:30pm Wednesday September 15, 2010 – 121 W.Patrick Street at the offices of Varner and Goundry.

·         Maryland Swimming is hosting a Swimposium on September 26 at UMBC.  Click HERE to find out more or visit the Maryland Swimming website at