Bellingham Bay Marathon Thank You!!!

BellinghamBay Marathon: Thank you to all of the volunteers who help make this the best Bellingham Bay Marathon ever.  All of your time and hard work are greatly appreciated and help offset the costs of running our team, while providing our swimmers with many added benefits and equipment not offered on other teams. Way to go, BBST volunteers!

Congratulations to Bailey Shewchuk, David Penrose, Robyn Gustafson, Pre-Senior swimmer Roy Evans, Deb Doyle, and all the BBST parents and family members who competed in the full marathon, half-marathon, and 5k (sorry if I missed someone…I didn’t get a chance to see the 5k runners).  Now that’s inspiring!  Way to go!

A special THANK YOU to the Rangers soccer team and their volunteers, the BBM board, including Aaron Hakeman, David Penrose, Andrew Evans, Kris Runestrand, and all of the many volunteers who helped make this a very successful, fun, and inspiring event for the the Rangers soccer team, Bellingham Bay Swim Team, and the local community.  Bellingham rocks!!!

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