Results of CAT Short Course Kickoff


On September 25th and 26th, CAT hosted the Short Course Kickoff and our swimmers did amazing!  A big thanks again to all of our volunteers for helping make this meet run so smoothly.


To start off, we had five new team records set during the weekend.  All of them were set by Matthew Hirschberger in the 11-12 boys age group.  He broke the 500Fr (5:03.21), 100Bk (58.28), 200Bk (2:02.89), 200Fly (2:14.11), and 400IM (4:35.95).  Astonishing!


Next we had over thirty swims with at least a fifteen second drop.  These shocking swims were done by: Ashton Bedlack (100IM), Ludo Boscaino (200Fr), Naza Boscaino (200Fr), Sarah Dalton (200Fr, 100Bk), Olivia Donovan (200Fr), Julia Gawlik (200Fr), Mariah Gil (50Br), Enrique Hernaiz (200Fr, 100Bk), Alexis Hernandez (100Fly), Annie Hirschberger (200Fr), Matthew Hirschberger (200Bk, 200Fly, 400IM), Jaclyn Malfa (200Fr), Victoria Menyhart (200IM), Jessica Miller (100Fr), Dylan Nie (50Fly), Christian Romero (500Fr), Kyle Romero (200Fr), Vance Sanders (200Fr), Cody Sandford (100Fr, 200IM), Zoe Sewell (200Fr), Oliver Shaub (200Fr), Aga Tomasik (100Fr, 50Fly), Mate Tomasik (100Fr), Sonya-Nicole Weidner (100Fr), Luke Williams (100Fr), and Alex Wittman (500Fr).


Finally, we had thirty six swimmers get 100% best times.  They were: Nick Alexious, Federico Bosciano, Ludo Bosciano, Justin Buck, Sarah Dalton, Ana Dunn, Olivia Gabel, Julia Gawlik, Sophie Goldsmith, Alexis Hernandez, Stephanie Hernandez, Helena Heuberger, Gage Hines, Annie Hirschberger, Matthew Hirschberger, Coleman Inglima, Joseph Johnson, Ashton Kelly, Jaclyn Malfa, Rebecca Mann, Kasper Mysliwiec, Haley O’Meara, Sanika Phadnis, Cody Sandford, Anna Schulte, Evelyn Schulte, John Schulte, Felix Stetsenko, Ava Sykes, Michael Tassinaro, Maria Ticsa, Aga Tomasik, Mate Tomasik, Robert Tomasik, Taylor Uselis, and Paulina Vivas.  Excellent!


This was a great first meet for all of the CAT swimmers.  The thing that everyone has to remember is that we have to continue to improve our technique, keep our attendance up at practice and especially on Saturdays, and work on getting more fit in the water and with dryland.  If we can do this then we are setting ourselves to have an outstanding season!