Notes from Parent Meeting

Important Osprey Information:

  • Dues are due on the 1st of the month, late after the 20th. Any account with a balance asof the 21st of the month at 12:01 AM will incur a late fee of $20.

  • Fundraising commitment for each family is established at the beginning of the season. 50% of the commitment must be met by the end of the auction, the final 50% must be met by the end of the season. Any unmet commitment at these points will be charged to your account. 1 swimmer $250, 2 swimmers $400 3 or more $550.

  • Volunteer hours will be established at the beginning of the season. The hours my be bought out at $10 per hour. Any hours not served by the end of the season will be charged to your account. 15 hours per family.

  • All equipment given to swimmers is on loan. Any lost equipment must be replaced by the swimmer. All equipment must be returned upon leaving the team. Lost or unreturned equipment will be charged to the swimmer at $30 per snorkel, $20 per set of fins, Zoomers, and/ or Z2s. Equipment lost during the season will need to be replaced at the above charges.

  • A 30 day notice is required when leaving the team. Upon leaving all fundraising and volunteer hours will be prorated and must be paid with any outstanding dues and equipment fees for any equipment that is not returned.

  • Osprey charges dues on an 11 month basis from October – August, even though many swimmers do not swim in August, the dues are still due. There are no dues charged in September. We do not have a policy for reduced or canceled fees for vacation or taking time off for another sport. There is a medical leave with a doctors note. More information is available upon request. A swimmer leaving the team and returning within a 6 month period will be treated as if they did not leave and will owe back dues up to $250 as well as any volunteer hours or fundraising commitment that would have been expected had the swimmer never taken the break. If a swimmer is gone more than 6 months they may return as a new swimmer, paying the current registration fee. A swimmer staying out for 6 months may not be returned to the group that they were in prior to leaving. They
  • will be placed in a group that suits their ability where space is available.

  • Swimmers and families are expected to know and comply with the Osprey Handbook. Handbook is available on our website or hard copy by request.