A significant rule change adopted by the House of Delegates at the 2010 USA Swimming Convention requires all non-athlete members of USA Swimming to satisfactorily complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC) effective January 1, 2011.


Once this process is in place you will need to meet this requirement.  We will keep you posted on the date of implementation, however until that time we will be issuing a TEMPORARY  2011 Non-Athlete Membership card.


These cards will not be laminated.  They will be replaced by laminated cards once the CBC is available and you pass your CBC.


Sometime before 8/31/2011, all non-athlete members will also be required to complete an online Athlete Protection Education course.  We will keep you posted as details develop.




If your card does not read TEMPORARY and instead states VALID TO --/--/----(date), one of your safety certifications will expire on that date.  You are still obligated to send your proof of current certifications to your LSC office.  New coaches will need to take the existing background screen and will be required to also do the CBC once it is implemented.