CAA Mini Meet Results

MAC sent 15 8 & Under swimmers to the CAA Mini Meet this past weekend.  MAC had 22 Top 8 finishes, multiple heat winners, ALL best times and not one DQ!!  This meet was the first MAC meet for some swimmers and for others their last meet participating as an 8 & Under.


The 15 swimmers who participated were Veronika Senzer, Shea McCarron, Kasey Beach, Alex Suarez, Andrew Hicks, Liselle Tomlin, Katherine Harvey, Sasha Shandrenko, Ali Hegazi, Lorelai Aiken, Josie Hall, Charles Bennici, Alexander Riedel, Leah Ryczko and Maddison Knapp.


Top 8 Finishes:

·         6 & Under Girls  Kasey Beach 4th Place 25 yard Breaststoke, 3rd Place 25 yard Backstroke, 6th Place 25 yard Freestyle

·         7 Yr Old Girls  Josie Hall 4th Place 50 yard Freestyle;  Liselle Tomlin 4th Place 25 yard Breaststroke, 5th Place 50 yard Breaststroke; Veronika Senzer 4th Place 25 yard Backstroke

·         8 Yr Old Girls  Katherine Harvey 6th Place 50 yard Breaststroke;  Sasha Shandrenko 8th Place 50yard Freestyle, 1st Place 50 yard Butterfly with a time of 42.42, 1st Place 25yard Butterfly with a time of 19.37

·         8 Yr Old Boys  Charles Bennici 8th Place 50yard Freestyle, 5th Place 50 yard Butterfly, 4th Place 50 yard Breaststoke; Ali Hegazi 6th Place 25yard Breaststoke, 6th Place 50yard Butterfly, 5th Place 100 yard Freestyle; Andrew Hicks 8th Place 25 yard Breaststoke, 4th Place 25 yard Freestyle; Alex Suarez 2nd Place 25 yard Backstroke; Alexander Riedel 3rd Place 50 yard Breaststroke and 1st Place 50 yard Backstroke with a time of 42.69