Letter from head coach regarding coaching changes in the fall


Dear Neptune Families,
            Annually, the coaching staff and the Board of Directors are required to review the status and the direction of the Team to make sure we are providing the best possible service to the athlete’s and their families. After months of deliberation we have decided that a few changes are needed in order maximize our coaching resources to benefit the most swimmers.
            We are recommending that Coach Cameron Tyson begin coaching at the Ridgeway Pool at the start of the upcoming swim season. Coach Tyson will coach the Blue and Silver groups and assist the Head Coach with the Senior Elite group as well. We believe this will provide the coaching and constant feedback that the athletes in both the Silver & Blue groups need to reach their fullest potential. This is also a great opportunity for Coach Tyson to work closely with the Head Coach on a daily basis to help him polish his coaching skills and become the best coach he can be.
With this change in coaching we are also recommending that all senior level athletes (post Blue group) who desire to compete at the highest level train together at the Ridgway Pool. This will provide more training opportunities for all athletes who are willing to commit to the required training schedule.
We will continue provide a senior program at the Healdsburg Pool, but the focus will be on fitness and preparation for high school swimming. We think this is an opportunity to target athletes who do not, or cannot, commit to the training schedule at Ridgeway, but who want a year round training regimen to stay in shape.
            We understand this will make swimming in our Senior Program something of a family commitment with regards to traveling and schedules, however, we strongly feel this is what’s needed for all of our young athletes to develop into the best senior swimmers possible. We expect this will help bridge the gap between the two locations and will make Neptune Swimming that much stronger.
            As this is a major change for the Team, the Board of Directors will take comments and listen to General Members regarding this proposal at its August Meeting.
Thanks for your support & GO NEPTUNES!
Dan S. Greaves,

Head coach

Neptune swimming