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Standard time and fall are here and the sun is going down earlier, so cold air temperatures will be facing our swimmers at meets and when they leave the pool after practice. Your body continues to release heat for a long time after you leave the water, so please take the following precautions to stay warm and healthy:

Cover Your Head You lose tremendous amounts of heat through your scalp.  Cover your head with a warm hat or hood, especially when your hair is wet.


Cover Your Feet and Hands You also lose a lot of heat through your extremities.  Socks, shoes, and gloves will help you retain body heat.


Wear A Sweatshirt, Jacket or Coat It is amazing how many swimmers leave the pool in just a t-shirt! You may not need a jacket on your way in to practice, but after the sun goes down, you probably will need one going home. You can always remove it if you get too warm when the car heats up or you get home.


Rash / Dry Skin Problems  Swimmers are prone to getting a red rash on the front of the body after swimming during the winter months.  Swimmers need to wash with mild soap, completely dry off and apply lotion before going out in the cold. If not; it can create a rash where the wind hits the body. Our pool chemicals are the same year round.  If they leave with wet skin the rash may occur.


These reminders also apply when you are sitting around waiting for your next event at the upcoming meets. Staying warm helps you conserve energy that you need to swim fast!  Take the extra time to conserve your body heat starting today!