Food Drive & Holiday Giving!

 Dear Neptune Families,

Many of you may have already noticed the Food Drive Barrels at Ridgway pool.  Yes, the Neptune Swim Team is sponsoring a food drive to assist the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) in providing food for over 70,000 people, including children, families and senior citizens during the months of November through January.  We are so honored and excited to be part of this mission and invite every single Neptune family to bring in food items over the next several months to fill the barrels.  Please share our excitement in knowing that the food we donate will be food that will be used to provide meals for our Sonoma County neighbors who would otherwise not be able to eat.  
Our goal is to donate a ton of food to the REFB.  That's 2000 pounds of food.  To help us visualize a ton, Coach Cameron has kindly agreed to allow us to "fill" his car with food.  It has been estimated that to reach a ton, we would need to "fill" Cameron's car at least 3 times.  To give thanks to Cameron who calls his car the "Toaster," we will kick-off the "Feed the Toaster" food drive campaign at Monday afternoon's swim practice in honor of thousands of Sonoma County residents who will be able to eat this holiday season.  At the drive, you will be given re-useable holiday bags in which to carry your donations.  It will have a list of all the most needed food items.  

So, the process is easy!  Follow these simple instructions:  (1). bring your bag to the grocery store to remind you which food is needed, (2). leave in your car to transport to Ridgway, (3). gently drop canned food items into barrel, (4). walk away with a smile knowing that someone will have a meal! and (5). perform steps 1 - 4 again and again and again .............. 

Even though the kick-off will be this Monday, we urge you to start bringing in your food donations now so that we can reach our goal.  To thank all the swimmers and families, we will host a party, in Neptune style, at the end of the drive.  

A special plea goes out to the several families who now train at Finley - please do not let the location stop you from donating your food items at Ridgway.  Our small inconvenience will bring smiles to so many people!   

If you'd like more information about the REFB or its winter food drive, please see the information below.

Thank you to all who are willing to donate and make a difference in our community!

Lisa Banks

Redwood Empire Food Bank
                                                                         Winter Food & Funds Drive 2010 – 2011

Thank you for your commitment to ending hunger in our community.  Nearly 1 in 5 Sonoma County residents faces food insecurity.  Your support will help to ensure that 78,000 children, families and seniors receive the food assistance that they deserve during this critical time of year.
It is easy to make a difference.  Donate Food.  Donate Money.
  • MONEY –
    • For every $1 donated, we efficiently distribute $4 worth of food to the community.
    • $1 = 3 Meals
    • A $20 donation helps to provide food for 48 people.
  • FOOD –
    • Keep our shelves stocked for the 78,000 people that rely on the REFB each month for food assistance.
    • 1 pound = 1 Meal
    • A full barrel provides the food necessary for 158 meals.

The food you give goes further than you think. By supplementing fresh produce, dairy and bread with the non-perishable foods you donate, the Redwood Empire Food Bank can provide nutritious meals for the thousands of adults, children and elderly who suffer from hunger. 

The non-perishable foods that families and children need 
most are: 

❑  Canned tuna and chicken 
❑  Beans and rice 
❑  Canned soups 
❑  Canned fruits 
❑  Boxed and canned juices 
❑  Peanut butter 
❑  Pasta 
❑  Canned stews 
❑  Canned vegetables 
❑  Breakfast cereal 

Please – no homemade foods, no glass. 
Thank you for helping us end hunger!