Arrival Times and information for Westside Meet this weekend

Saturday Morning             Arrival Time:   7:15 am   Timing Chair: 1 chair

DeBiasio, Alexandra                        Spiekermann, Kevin                       Rogers, Sam

Nescicolaci, Shadia                          Stalker, Graham                                               Camp, Michael

Hoffman, Riley

Saturday Afternoon         Arrival Time:  11:30 am  Timing Chair: 1 chair

Berry, Elizabeth                                                Yan, Emily                                            Norris, Angelina

Widmann, Madeline                       Wagoner, Sebastian                       Hernandez, Taylor

Thorne, Kyle                                      Stenzel, Anthony                             Harrington, Bradley

Sunday Morning                Arrival Time:  7:15 am   Timing Chair: 0 Chair

Widmann, Chloe                              Camp, Michael                                  Gallagher, Melissa

Sunday Afternoon                       Arrival Time:  12:30 pm  Timing Chair: 1 Chair

Yan, Emily                                            Knight, Grace                                     Widmann, Madeline

Widmann, Chloe                              Wagoner, Sebastian                       Wang, Maxine

Tanios, Natalie                                  Stenzel, Anthony                             Harrington, Bradley

Hernandez, Taylor                          


Message from the host team:

Parking and Directions
Please park and instruct your parents to park on the Palisades High School Campus and not along Temescal or the surrounding neighborhoods.  We want to be good neighbors and be able to host many more meets here.

To get to the school travel north on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and turn right on Temescal.  Head up Temescal, then make a left on Bowdoin (the first light).  We will have a drop off area as soon as you get on Bowdoin.  Continue up Bowdoin about 100 yards and make a right into the school parking lot.
Palisades Charter High School
15777 Bowdoin Street
CA 90272-3586